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"This means War"

Server IP:    

it is a modified 10 Player Co-op Left4Dead2 Server with 2 Steam Groups

-This means War

-This means War VIP

We are on Facebook   "Beastys This means War"  (Link is on the left)

and everyone can see his personal stats (Link is on the left)

You also can find us at "" (Link is also on the left)

And we have will get them when you join the server.

We have a lot of Admins....they will help you in Game...when you have problems or questions.

if you want to contact me personally use the Contact link on the left.

About the Server


1. you can join your character with    !csm

2. you can crawl when you are laying in the ground

3. you can help yourself (with pills, medkit or adrenaline) when you are laying on the ground

4. when you are laying on the automatically will get a magnum

 5. we installed a buying system ( !buy ) -> you will get points when you help or heal someone

    or when you kill a special infected

6. you can change your light when you type   !light green (or a lot of other colours)

7. you can drop every things you have in your hands with   !drop

8. you can help other players players when they are laying on the ground....with medkit, pills, adrenaline or without

9. All campaigns (from Left4Dead 1 and 2) will start automatically in a permanent circle (no lobby between)


ok, that´s for the moment...


Come and join  us...and let´s have fun !!!


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